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Coffee Prince: The Final Cup

On The Spot Translation: yinsyung@soompi
Date Aired : August 27, 2007
Rating (Nationwide) :

Coffee Prince The Final Cup (Raw)

CREDIT: babiplucki


(Episode 17's Translation from Chinese)

the episode starts off with EC and HK sleeping peacefully on HK's bed; after what is sure to have been a wild night the night before considering the placement of their clothes
HK puts on his pants: Did you sleep well?
EC nods
HK: it's already morning
EC: Oh no, I'm going to get beaten to death by my mum, i didn't tell her i was staying out for the night
HK: I'll go with you to tell your mum
EC inside the blanket: No, i'll go myself. Where are my clothes.
HK: They've fallen over here, I'll pick it up for you
EC: It's okay, i'll pick it up myself (Picks up clothes while inside the blanket) I feel embarassed, Can you go somewhere else?
HK kneels down: I'm just looking at what's mine, what's wrong with that? (does his human telescope and picks up pillow) When did this fall down here?
EC: wait a moment
HK picks up EC and puts her onto the bed: You change clothes, I'll go...
HK: as light as cotton

the pair move outside for breakfast, dawn is breaking and the light shines on them in a surreal way
HK: After you’re gone, you won’t be able to eat this. Eat more.
EC: You need to ring often
HK: Don’t wear mini skirts. Tell everyone you have a boyfriend.
EC: Don’t tire yourself
HK: You need to take care
EC: Will be like you. Eyes, Ears, they’re mine.
HK: come on, I’ll carry. Before you do we need to go out on dates everyday.

the cute couple are now driving to the coffee shop, it appears they can't keep their hands off each other. Suddenly, EC gets a call from home
ES: Have you gone crazy? You were with Sajangnim Ajusshi last night, weren't you? Asking you is pointless. Listen, i said that after you did morning exercises you went back to the store, So don't come home and go straight to work.
EC: I understand, Thanks
ES: You owe me a big one, you know?
EC: i'm hanging up
ES: had the nerve to [get into trouble type of thing] before me...

on arriving at their coffee shop, HR is there to greet them in his usual spot by the window. being the type of person he is, he is immediately suspicious
HR: How come you came together?
HK: we met each other before/on the way
HR: Did you guys…

not because i don't love this couple, but right now at 2:53am in the morning, i really can't remember what type of scene this was - Hs&YJ were eating? no idea XD
YJ: What are we going to give to EC (as a gift)?
HS: give her airplane tickets
YJ: I really envy EC
HS: I envy HK, EC’s younger than him by six years

meanwhile, at the coffee shop, Harim is trying his best at playing detective and snoops around the palce trying to catch the couple in the act. he tries the counter and the kitchen to no avail before he realises the perfect hiding place - the bathroom. he smiles widely as he hears whispers and pushes the door open...
HR: Congratulations
HK: be careful
HR: What are they doing in the bathroom? EC’s face has slimmed down. What is this situation?
SK: She’s like a player
HR: That’s not possible

in the evening, EC is doing what she does best and often - mopping the floor. HK takes advantage and gets her to sweep all over the place - EC naively obeys, not knowing the surprise HK has hidden for her
[indent[HK: Hey, why are you always cleaning? Is it because you're leaving that you're going things so half-assly (T/N: HHAHA that's my way of putting it -.-) You can't be like that, you should clean until it's squeaky clean
EC: okay i understand, squeaky clean
HK: Don't wipe where it's already been wiped. See here, You need to wipe the corner as well.
EC: I've already wiped there
HK: you need to be more careful, you need to wipe there
EC: I understand, need to continue wiping down there
HK: Here's alright, i'll wipe. The places that aren't easy to wipe, should be left to you. You have strength.
EC: Don't you have anything to do? (i.e. are you really that bored?)
HK: Don't have anything to do? Are you looking down on sajangnim? Just continue doing what i've told you to do. There, by the door, it's accumulated alot of dust,
EC: i understand
HK: Here, like this. Where are you going? Not there. WOAH..what is this? Open it up and take a look? (OMFG CAN HK CAN ANY CUTER???)
EC: They're shoes...[/indent]

EC is unimpressed, but gets dragged by HK into the main area to try on the shoes
HK: Come try it on
EC: Can't, they're the customers...
HK: Baristas need to stand for long periods of time, so your shoes definitely need to be comfortable
EC: Did sajangnim hide these? How did you now how big my feet were?
HK: the size of one hand/ it's one hand long
EC: you really move people's hearts
EC: Thank you, but i feel bad. I don’t have anything to give to you
HK: you have something you could give me, scratch my back
EC: you need to have a (rubbing) bath
HK: even when we’re old, you need to rub
EC: giving shoes will mean running away (like giving her shoes will mean she leaves?)
HK: I’ve already stuck label in the shoes
(In EC's shoes it says, "you are mine")

it's after work, and the lovely couple are in their separate homes talking on the phone. i love how as they're talking on the phone, both grab hold of pillows as if to hug the other. or am i thinking too much?
EC: I want to know if the type sajangnim likes is similar to Yoojoo unni
HK: How did you know? Originally I had a merciful vitality. Besides me, who can accept you/who would want you?
EC: You're not the style i like either. I like my dad's type. But when you smile, you're like my dad
HK: Don’t you know that my eyes are really mesmerizing, have you fallen asleep? If you don’t hang up the phone what am I going to do?

HK tries to no avail to wake EC from her sleep, so he laughs to himself as he listens (ah he's so in love XD). before we know it, it's morning, and EC's snoring is still playing over loudspeaker. HK wakes up to her noises, like an old married couple but via telephone
HK: EC, hurry and wake up
HK: I’ll wake you up? You’re mum’s calling you to eat
EC: See you in a little bit[/i]

it's a new day at the coffee shop, but sadly, also EC's last day. a day filled with tears and farewells..each of the princes take turns saying goodbye. it's nothing short of heartbreaking
Mr. Hong: Go pack up your luggage
EC: Take care when eating, get along well with my mum. Ajusshi, you know I like you right? Your clothes are torn.

MY: nun-nim (big sister)
EC: What is this?
MY: A present. Make up. Even though nun-nim is not as pretty as eunsae. With makeup you should be alright. Don’t worry about your mum and eunsae.
EC: With you, I can relax

EC: What are you doing?
SK: You need to come back without trouble. I believe in you
EC: thank you

HR: I haven’t prepared anything
EC: I really like you, you know that? Don’t cry…
HR’s letter: “My Chan, hope you can go abroad smoothly. I’m not worried about you, but be aware of men. Even if other men wink/flirt at you, don’t be moved. I’ll lean towards you. Dreams will come true (?).”
EC: “Dreams will comes true” I don’t want to go

Meanwhile, YJ is over at her house, HS's house doing the laundry. She's complaining to HS about her lack of social life when she suddenly feels pangs of pain. HS worriedly headtails back home and the next thing we know, YJ is in hospital with the air purifier
at home:
YJ: Ajusshi, for you child I am making effort
HS: wait for me, I’m going to eat dinner

at the hospital:
HS: sleep a little while longer

it's nighttime, and HK and EC are talking on the phone again. This time HK, being the one with more travelling experience, is giving EC packing tips. They tiptoe around the topic of EC's departure tomorrow but neither of them can bare to really talk about it. It seems HK's not the only one upset about EC leaving; ES and their mum are separating from EC for the first time in many years...
EC talks to HK on the phone while packing luggage with her mum as helper
HK: I’ll go there in winter. I’ll bring you winter clothes as gifts
EC: Mum, prepare the chilli sauce
HK: they have it over there. Have you prepared medicine? I’m really worried. I’m not going to the airport.
EC: I know. I’ll ring you.

EC Mum: Be careful of the food when you get there. Be aware of strangers.
EC: Don’t worry about it.

It's a heartbreaking sight when EC leaves. Those at the coffee shop are left feeling empty, while HK breaksdown as he drives...
at the coffee shop
Mr Hong: It’s already feeling stuffy/melancholic
MY: we should have sent her off
Mr Hong: Has the plane taken off yet?

airport scene - EC & the telephone; HK & his mini
EC: I didn’t let mum and ES come out
HK: You brought the landlord’s phone number, right? Ring once you get there.
EC: I know. Take care. I love you. I love you. I love you.
HK: I know.

i LOLed at the "two years later", just because i know so many of you DIDN'T want it...XD moving on...
it's been two years, and we see HK walking to his fridge where a multitude of EC photo's in Italy *cough* have been plastered. There are different messages, EC's is sporting a slightly more feminine hair style and clothes. HK kisses his fridge EC good morning biggrin.gif

EC: 2008, April. September. November. Here, there’s quite a few good-looking guys chasing after me.
by the fortune of sajangnim and halmoni. I miss you. I love you. Accept my kiss.

HK is driving along in his car, talking to EC, when she hits him with a bomb - she's not ready to come back yet...frustrated he pulls up onto the sidekerb
HK: Have you ordered the plane tickets yet?
EC: Still haven’t gotten them ready yet. I want to learn a bit more
HK: can’t do
EC: Should I give up then?
HK: no problem, right?
EC: I’m hanging up[/i]

we see HK taking a integral part in his family's enterprise and that they are preparing themselves for a new Coffee Prince outlet. the coffee princes are frustrating themselves with the opening coming up soon...With the added workload, they have recruited a new GASP girl:
[indent]HR: Just because I saw a girl, it becomes this. Fine, let it be like that. Why is the door like this? What’s kind of theme is coffee princess?
HK: How’s the modelling job going? Take ES home earlier.
MY: You always send EC nun-nim home really late

Saiyin (the new girl I’m guessing let’s just initial her NewGirl): How are you? I recognise you. I’m 24 years old

HS comes in through the doors of a fine-dining restaurant and we see YJ with some spastic hair...
HS: Sorry, I’m late.
YJ: So late today, later on you’ll live worse off. It’s our wedding anniversary and no flowers?
HS: Why do we need flowers? My wife is the flowers. I’ve booked a hotel room.

Meanwhile, at the coffee shop, the princes continue to be whining woman (that we love, mind you)
Mr. Hong: The store’s full of woman. It’s tiring right?
SK: EC can do the work of three people.
Mr. Hong: I thought she left
HR: All the women here are extraordinary. How come EC’s not coming back?
MY: she’s betrayed us (T/N: I think =.=)
SK: force her to come back then
HK: need to learn whatever (T/N ._. I suck)

[i]meanwhile, it's a small world and we see Mr. Hong get some closure regarding the love of his life. whose pretty, by the way, but still a cheating orange. he is shopping with Sunki when he bumps into her and her happy family...SK should be his gay wife XD

SK: eat as you please
Mr. Hong: I’ll make you some delicious foods?
woman: can see you’re doing well
Mr. Hong: One child?
Woman: Still running a coffee shop? Still one person? I wish for you to meet someone better.
Mr. Hong: I heard you got married
Woman: the days pass by alright
Mr. Hong: Not bad…
SK: Let’s go
Woman: Go. This time, I’ll stay.
Mr. Hong: Then I’ll leave first for once.

the threesome - Mr. Hong, the butcher, and EC's mum have their regular chats outside the butcher's nice to see even old-ish single people have friends XD
Butcher: EC’s getting married, and after ES’s gotten married – when can we get married?
Mr Hong: Wouldn’t it be better to just cover up with a blanket? I saw my first love. The child looks like me, The eyes look like me...
EC’s mum: His habit, he even says EC looks like him.

Surprisingly, after two years, player Harim is STILL with his star...they're at a park enjoying a little night snack...
HR: don’t be angry
Girl: Let’s not see each other anymore
HR: Really? I understand. Goodbye
Girl: When you get angry, your eyebrows slope downwards. I heard your family’s hospital closed [T/N: ohmy.gif]
HR: it’s not problem, it’ll reopen
Girl: you’re really (someone who has a way with words? No idea). It’ll be alright?
HR: The lights at this school are too bright
Girl: the laboratory?
HR: I don’t like, let’s go quickly

HS and YJ are sleeping, when YJ suddenly awakes. She climbs out of bed and onto the patio fiddling with a pair a baby socks...
HS: can’t sleep? Do you want to drink some milk? I won’t think anything i shouldn't
YJ: will hoping again be too much?
HS: don’t go to the hospital, you can’t take it anymore
YJ: let’s go on a trip
HS: let’s not go anywhere

HK is miserable with the turn of events. He's jogging direction-lessly and keeps ringing EC whose put her phone on italian voice message. heavily korean accented italian XD. The Coffee Prince team are still operating, even with the new girl in toll...we find out she's interested in making waffles and speaks fluent japanese - HI SUNKI
HK: how come you’re not picking up the phone? You need to return. I’ll let you learn for one more year. EC, return quickly. I miss you.

Mr. Hong: resume? [t/n: thank you crankybaka]
HK: what to do?
NG: How can you make this so well? I studied abroad in Japan
SK: said you were obedient

HK is at a coffee shop interviewing potential employees, when this time - he is in for a surprise]/i]
Interviewed chick: Actually, I feel like the salary’s a bit low
HK: I understand
EC: Sajangnim! Have you finished interviewing? Did you wait long? I’m here for the interview, I heard you were recruiting.
HK: qualifications/resume? Are you male or female?
EC: I’m a girl. I only eat 4 meals, have great strength, and award-receiving experience, I’m also very hardworking. If need be, I can make you rice/meals. (They hug and EC sits on his lap publicly XD)
HK: how come you didn’t contact me

While driving back to the shop...
EC: smell so good
EC: still the same as before, very sexy
HK: because of you I have shadows under my eyes
EC: aren’t you happy? Because I needed to go, we got to kiss everyday
HK: then we should get married
EC: aren’t you busy opening the new store
HK: why are you like this?
EC: I’m EC

[i]the following parts i missed out on because my internet buffered but...XD here's the translation

Halmoni: when commencing work?
HK: See you tomorrow
Halmoni: EC said to keep it secret
HK’s mum: EC doesn’t have money, yet she prepared a present for you
HK’s dad: she’s very well-behaved

Back at the coffee shop, they see EC in girly getup and are surprised...
HK: my lover’s arrived
Mr. Hong: How come you didn’t call?
HR: weird, you’re a girl?
MY: You’ve gone pretty, but you still look beefy (T/N: my word XD)

What lies in the future...
NG: I will work hard
SK: be careful
random girl: tell me you phone number
HR: Someone wants my number, it’s me, don’t worry.

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credits: yinsyung@soompi,


Coffee Prince: Sixteenth Cup

Episode Recap By: JAVABEANS
Date Aired : August 21, 2007
Rating (Nationwide) :

Coffee Prince 16th Cup (Raw)

CREDIT: babiplucki

Coffee Prince 16th Cup

CREDIT: lcharmiel


Yu Ju and Han Sung get married, while Han Gyul’s grandmother is taken to the hospital quietly. When Han Gyul and his mother visit her later that night, he asks his mother if he should take the idea of marriage more slowly, but his mother can tell that isn’t what he wants.

Eun Chan’s mother tells her to go ahead and marry Han Gyul soon — she’ll cash in their house deposit and live in a one-room apartment with Eun Sae, so Eun Chan doesn’t have to worry about them.

Things remain awkward between Han Gyul and Eun Chan the next day. Eun Chan had sent him multiple text messages saying she missed him and asking him to call when he had time, but he hadn’t called back. He takes her aside to talk.

She acknowledges that she was thinking too much of herself — but even though she’s sorry, she can’t marry him right away. Han Gyul acknowledges that he took her financial situation too lightly as well, and wants to help her. Eun Chan says it’s not just about money:

Eun Chan: “I don’t want to become a burden.”
Han Gyul: “Why is that a burden? When I was going through rough times, I shared my worries with you, and you consoled me, don’t you remember? Was I a burden to you while you were with me, comforting me?”
Eun Chan: “That’s different from this.”
Han Gyul: “What’s different about it? Because it’s like you’re giving your heart, and I’m giving you money?”

Eun Chan answers that she wants to stand on her own: “When my father was alive, I lived dependent on him. Now I’d live being dependent on my boyfriend. I don’t want to live the rest of my life being unable to do anything properly on my own.” Han Gyul asks impatiently if she’d marry him if he didn’t give her any money, then — she can send Eun Sae to college and support herself with her own money.

Eun Chan asks why he can’t wait — why does he always decide everything on his own, making one-sided decisions? Han Gyul chafes at the phrase “one-sided” — is he the only one wanting to get married?

Their argument is interrupted, so Han Gyul revisits their discussion later. Calmer now, he asks her, “It’s because you don’t like me enough to marry, isn’t it? It’s okay, so tell me honestly.”

Han Gyul: “I want to live with you. For the rest of my life, I want to eat together, talk together, sleep together, be together. Do I need any other reason?”

Eun Chan’s point isn’t that she doesn’t want to marry him. She just wants to wait. Han Gyul reminds her that he’d given up his dream job and faced his parents’ opposition for her — can’t she give up that little bit of pride for him? Getting more worked up, he asks if she’d still refuse to marry him if that meant they’d break up. Does she dislike the idea that much?

Eun Sae hears about the latest developments with sisterly indignation: How could he be so selfish? How can he threaten to break up with Eun Chan over that? He thinks money solves everything. Psh. She grumbles about how Han Gyul treats her family lightly, then sneaks in a phone call to the offender himself.

Han Gyul answers the call with some surprise, and makes plans to talk to Eun Sae the next day. He wonders about the cause with some anxiety.

As for the Princes: Min Yub blames Ha Rim for pushing him along and causing him to lose Eun Sae. Sun Ki makes the astute observation that Min Yub listened to the wrong guy. Everyone else has somebody, but Min Yub took love advice from Ha Rim, the playboy who has nobody. But Sun Ki also finds himself alone when he arrives at Yuko’s place to find her gone, just as she’d warned him she’d do if he wouldn’t leave.

Han Gyul’s grandmother senses things aren’t going smoothly for Han Gyul and Eun Chan. He admits that he’d rushed with the marriage talk — and as he explains Eun Chan’s position to his grandmother, it seems that he understands it better. He describes Eun Chan’s need to be independent and to support her household, and asks his grandmother to consider Eun Chan’s attitude as something good, admirable.

Eun Sae meets Han Gyul and asks him plainly: “Are you really going to break up with my sister?” She tells him of her mother’s intent to cash in their home deposit to marry Eun Chan off, but neither she nor her mother can afford a monthly rent — therefore, she asks Han Gyul if he could please consider pushing the marriage off a year. She’s not planning to go to college, so she’ll get a job right after she graduates from high school, at which point they’ll be able to afford a monthly rent. Worried he might really break up with Eun Chan, she assures him that her sister is a good person.

Han Gyul listens to Eun Sae’s speech with a mix of confusion and amusement, and tells her, “But I have no intention of splitting up with Eun Chan.” Eun Sae mentions how he told her sister he’d break up with her if they didn’t marry, sees Han Gyul’s smile, and realizes, “I knew it. You were just saying that to get to her, weren’t you? Aish, what an idiot. How could she not tell that from the truth?” Eun Sae calls Han Gyul “brother-in-law,” and a wide smile spreads on his face, liking the sound of that.

Min Yub begs for Eun Sae’s forgiveness, saying earnestly: “No matter how meanly you treat me, you’re still pretty to me. Even if you get mad and yell, you’re cute. I really like you a lot. But if you truly hate me, I won’t call you anymore and I’ll give up. So tell me, do you really hate me?”

Stony-faced, Eun Sae tells him yes. Min Yub accepts her answer contritely, saying he understands. He tells her to take care, and turns to go. Eun Sae calls him back, upset, asking when he got so “cool” that he’d accept one answer right away and leave so quickly. She seems genuinely hurt as she lays out his offense — he’d said he only liked her, then saw other girls. He acted so innocent, then went behind her back — that’s worse than anything a player could do.

Eun Sae: “If you have the confidence to only love me from now on, follow me. If you don’t, leave.”

Eun Sae turns to walk away slowly, and Min Yub takes a few hesitant steps. He tentatively calls out: “Eun Sae. I’m following you right now… Just saying that to let you know. In case you don’t.” Eun Sae looks back a few times to confirm that he’s still there, and crooks a finger to beckon him close. Ecstatic, Min Yub grabs her and runs around the playground in excitement.

Han Sung and Yu Ju have their first marital argument when Han Sung goes to Yu Ju’s studio to find it strewn with tired co-workers (new project) and empty wine bottles. Even though he knew she’s used to staying up all night working and drinking, and that she puts work above him, he’s still disappointed. Yu Ju’s sorry, and explains that she doesn’t rank work above him — both are important. She asks for his understanding, but he asks, upset, if he’s just supposed to stand by and watch from the sidelines.

Eun Chan is summoned to Han Gyul’s grandmother’s office, and Han Gyul listens in astonishment (and panic) to find that his grandmother is offering to send Eun Chan to Italy to study to become a barista, as she did for Mr. Hong. Bursting with agitation, Han Gyul jumps into the conversation, insisting to his grandmother that Eun Chan will never take her support, that she’ll insist on staying to provide for her family.

Eun Chan voices her concerns about accepting the offer, but it seems she’d like to consider it. If she goes abroad, she’ll be earning a salary, which she can send home to her family. Han Gyul recognizes the danger of this development, and asks if his grandmother’s doing this to tear them apart (Granny: “So does that mean your relationship is something I can tear apart so easily? All the better for me, then”).

Han Gyul hounds Eun Chan repeatedly, asking if she’s really considering going. At his persistence, Eun Chan frustratedly says no, she’s in no position to go abroad. Han Gyul mutters in worry, “It’s hard enough as it is not seeing her every day. How am I supposed to last two years?”

Eun Chan’s mother asks her to be honest: “You want to study abroad, don’t you?” Eun Chan admits she found the offer very tempting, but thinking of how she’d have to leave her family changed her mind. Her mother asks, “Am I holding you back? Don’t decide that if it’s because of me.” She assures Eun Chan she’ll be fine — if Han Gyul agrees, she should go. Eun Chan tells her mother she’s not going, and that she’ll have to marry her mother off first — to Mr. Gu. (Eun Chan’s mother denies it, blushing in embarrassment.)

Eun Chan’s mother: “It’s time for you to live your own life. Don’t worry about me or Eun Sae anymore. Even if it’s just this once, live as you want, freely… That’s what I really want to see.”

The Choi cousins again commiserate together. Han Sung understands Eun Chan’s situation: “Eun Chan’s still young. There’s a lot she must want to do. There are a lot of things she probably gave up in choosing you.” Han Gyul says he gave up things too, but Han Sung points out he’s placing the reason for giving up the New York job entirely on Eun Chan. If he’s honest, he’d admit he’d found his work here fulfilling too.

Han Sung brings up his problems with Yu Ju. He’d married her knowing all about her habits and her work, but now he finds himself just barely holding back from insisting she quit working: “Is this why women don’t want to get married?”

Han Sung: “The moment a man makes a woman his, the man wants that woman to live according to his wishes. But just because he’s won her over, can he force her to do as he wants?”

Han Gyul sees Han Sung’s point, laughing in agreement:

Han Gyul: “I wish she would.”
Han Sung: “You too? I do, too.”
Han Gyul: “Why can’t things just go the way I want?”

Eun Chan tells Han Gyul she’s decided not to go abroad. She was about to call his grandmother to tell him so. He asks why she decided not to go, and she answers that she’s got at least a hundred reasons.

Han Gyul: “It seems to me that your hundred reasons not to go can’t hold up to the one reason for going. Am I right? I don’t want you to go, either. Thinking of this cafe without you makes me not want to come here every day. It makes me not want to work. I don’t even want to think about not being able to see you. When I was planning to leave for New York, there were times I thought I couldn’t because I’d be haunted by your memory. Do you think I want to send you away? But I want to show you a bigger world.”

Eun Chan says she doesn’t want to be apart from him, but he tells her he can go to visit: “I hate the idea of you giving something up because you love me. I want to be your support, so you can grow, and advance.” When she asks if he really wants her to go, he can’t answer yes, but he does say:

“I’ve realized I can’t be responsible for your life. But I can be by your side, watching over you. I’ll take that instead. We may be separated now, but later, much later… when you hold the hand of your first child… when they go off to school… when you marry your children off… Ah, proposing is so embarrassing.”

Meanwhile, Yu Ju makes the first step in reconciling by calling Han Sung home early to make dinner (and her first batch of kimchi, which both note as lacking something in the taste department, although her efforts are duly appreciated).

I don’t think their problems are completely over, but it’s a nice first show of compromise.

Han Gyul makes his official greeting to Eun Chan’s family, who accept him gladly. Though it’s merely a formality, he asks for her mother’s approval to marry Eun Chan.

Eun Chan shows Han Gyul her room, and the toys he’d made for her. He warns her away from smooth-talking Italian men (”They say ‘you’re beautiful’ to everyone, so don’t pay them any attention!”) and sighs that he misses her already. While they kiss, his hand makes his way under her shirt, but at the first contact of his hand on her skin, Eun Chan jumps and pushes him back, skittish.

Flustered and embarrassed, Han Gyul realizes she’s not comfortable with going further. Frustrated, he keeps her at a distance and tells her not to touch him from now on.

That sexual frustration continues the next day — Han Gyul is serious about not letting her touch him anymore. She finds his reaction cute, and he does his best to keep away, with limited success.

Ha Rim, going through girl problems of his own, tells Eun Chan not to torture Han Gyul — if she’s limited their contact to mere kisses, Han Gyul is probably feeling all churned up inside.

Eun Chan looks wistfully around her as she thinks about how she’ll be leaving soon. She writes on a leaf, “Let’s meet again in two years,” and affixes her name tag on the branch.

That night, Han Gyul and Eun Chan text back and forth.

Han Gyul: “Are you sleeping?”
Eun Chan: “Nope.”
Han Gyul: “What are you doing?”
Eun Chan: “I miss you.”
Han Gyul: “Let’s meet in our dreams.”

After reading the last message, Eun Chan makes a swift decision, and gets up. She makes a lame excuse to Eun Sae, then sneaks past her mother out of the house. She runs through the streets and arrives, out of breath, at Han Gyul’s apartment.

He’s shocked to see her there (Eun Chan: “I missed you, so I ran over”), but he can’t trust himself to be near her this late at night, and won’t let her inside. She pushes past him, and he keeps his distance, agitated at her every movement as she drinks wine, looks around his apartment, and wanders from room to room.

He insists repeatedly that she leave, and tries to occupy himself reading a book. (Eun Chan: “Do you hate me being here so much?” Han Gyul: “Not you, me. “) He tries to push her outside, but can’t bring himself to touch her, so he resorts to dragging her toward the door by her foot.

He manages to shove her outside, shutting the door and forbidding her from coming inside anymore (only in the daytime, and accompanied by Ha Rim).

Unfortunately, he’s forgotten her shoes. She pounds on the door, and taunts him, saying she’ll go off to Italy and be sure to have an affair with a handsome Italian man. Finally, Han Gyul cracks the door open and tells her he’ll drive her home. She shoves her foot through the opening.

Han Gyul: “Don’t come in! Take your foot out. If you come in, I’m not sending you home. I’m warning you.”

Looking him straight in the eyes, Eun Chan squeezes herself across the threshold, and firmly plants both feet indoors.

Han Gyul stares at her intensely, understanding the choice she’s made, then sweeps her up in a kiss.

The Intense Last Part of 16th Cup

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Coffee Prince: Fifteenth Cup

Episode Recap By: JAVABEANS
Date Aired : August 20, 2007
Rating (Nationwide) :

Coffee Prince 15th Cup (Raw)


15th Cup Music Video

CREDIT: lcharmiel


It’s the day after the end of Episode 14, and Eun Chan asks Han Gyul repeatedly, happily, if he’s truly not going to leave for New York. Apparently she’s been asking nonstop since he first mentioned it.

Enjoying her response, Han Gyul asks if that makes her that happy, and she nods yes. She feels guilty for being the reason he’s staying, though, because toy designing was his dream. Han Gyul responds that he’d liked the idea of being a designer because it was something he could do all on his own, but he’s finding that managing a business, and working with others, is fun too.

Eun Chan tells him that after meeting his grandmother, she gained newfound motivation to become a cool, impressive woman worthy of him. Someone who doesn’t just receive support but also provides it, for him and also her family.

Han Gyul’s grandmother is still upset with Eun Chan, and complains to Mr. Hong about her. Mr. Hong matter-of-factly tells Granny that she should be thankful for Eun Chan, who’s not only a decent kid but a far better catch than even Han Gyul. Han Gyul shaped up and did a great job with the cafe because of her pushing him along and motivating him. Granny should count her lucky stars; Eun Chan’s perfect granddaughter-in-law material.

As for the Princes: Min Yub is in a dark mood, replaying Eun Sae’s goodbye kiss in his head and scowling at everyone. Sun Ki’s in a good mood, now that he’s a frequent visitor to the woman he’d been searching for, even if they’re not progressing into a romantic relationship (in fact, she’d rather he leave her alone, because she doesn’t want to keep being painted by his parents as the horrible married lady who ruined the life of their precious son).

Ha Rim, the most frank and sexual-minded of them all, doesn’t get Sun Ki’s whole platonic thing. He offers Eun Chan the benefit of his expertise, should she need it. (Uncomfortable with the subject, Eun Chan turns the tables on him by mentioning his butt tattoo, which effectively scares him away. Heh.)

That night, Han Gyul again vies for Eun Chan’s attention while she’s busy studying. Their playful mood turns into an argument when Eun Chan brings up the debt she’s still repaying — complete with interest. Han Gyul bristles — he never asked for interest, and he doesn’t want to take her money: “Would you accept it? Think about it from my position! What kind of guy would take money from his girl, knowing she was in a tough spot?”

Eun Chan doesn’t see things his way. It’s her debt, and it’s her responsibility to repay it, no matter their relationship. If she doesn’t, she won’t feel right. She opts out of the fight by leaving for the night, and Han Gyul shouts after her as she walks out the door: “Hey! Hey, where are you going? Stop right there! One, two, two and a half, three! Hey, you’re not really gone, right? I know you’re standing outside, come back in! Don’t go!”

After trying to resist calling, Han Gyul finally gives in — only to find her phone is turned off. He stews with impatience, worry, curiosity. She’s not really mad, but she’s making a point, and sends him a good-night text message (”See you tomorrow!”) — then shuts off her phone again. Hehe.

Yu Ju fills Han Sung in on meeting her mother (who’s on her fourth marriage), who initially warned her against marrying. (After seeing Yu Ju starting to consider the idea, her mother changed her mind and told her to go for it.) Her mother said Yu Ju would have a hard time finding a man willing to put up with her; Yu Ju looks at Han Sung and says, “Ah, but there’s one such guy right here.”

With the subject on the table, Han Sung digs through a bag of snack crackers, and places a ring-shaped one around her finger: “Let’s marry.” She doesn’t respond directly, and he entreats her to think about it. She says she will.

The Choi cousins discuss their woman troubles together (after Han Gyul congratulates Han Sung on the pregnancy); the underlying issue is similar for both. Han Sung: “Wouldn’t it be nice if the girl leaned on the guy just a bit? It’s a worry, when the girl’s too well-off on her own.”

Han Gyul says he envies Han Sung, who wonders why — wasn’t he happy being independent? Has he changed? Han Gyul tells him something that can be translated as a cross between “I’m crazy about Go Eun Chan” and “I adore her to bits.” He continues: “I want to live with her.”

The cousins don’t even pretend to listen to each other as they both ponder their respective concerns, aloud:

Han Gyul: “Would marriage be good?”
Han Sung: “Isn’t it better to regret getting married than regret not getting married?”
Han Gyul: “Seems like it could be a good idea.”
Han Sung: “Yeah, right?”
Han Gyul: “Huh? What?”
Han Sung: “Never mind.”
Han Gyul: “Marriage…”

Han Gyul’s mother calls Eun Chan out for lunch, and asks her kindly about the status of her relationship with Han Gyul. It seems Han Gyul’s thinking of marriage, but she worries that they’ve only known each other for three months. Eun Chan answers that she knows she’s lacking much; Han Gyul has much more going for him than she does: “Seeing him, I’ve gained a goal, too — to become an impressive person. So I can’t marry right now, because I haven’t accomplished anything as Go Eun Chan yet.” She assures Han Gyul’s mother that Han Gyul truly loves his family a lot; she won’t do anything to cause them trouble.

Dancing together as the sun sets, Han Sung prepares himself for bad news when Yu Ju tells him she has something she has to say. But he’s caught completely off-guard when Yu Ju kneels, takes out a ring box, and asks him, “Will you marry me?”

I love Han Sung’s shocked, hopeful reaction as Yu Ju tells him she can’t give him the stars and the moon or make other impossible promises: “But I’ll try hard.” She knows she isn’t the type of daughter-in-law his parents will like, but still, she’ll try her best at that too.

Rendered speechless, Han Sung attempts to say something.

Han Sung: “What do I say…? You’ve turned me in to a fool — my head’s completely empty.”
Yu Ju: “I want to have a baby like you. Thank you, for being by my side. I love you.”
Han Sung: “Love you too.”
Yu Ju: “I love you lots more.”
Han Sung: “Thank you.”

(Practically crazy with excitement, an ecstatic Han Sung calls Han Gyul to tell him the news, so thrilled he can hardly tell if it’s a dream or reality. Han Gyul: “You’re calling just to brag?!” Haha.)

Eun Chan’s mother seems to feel sorry toward the quieter, downspirited Mr. Gu, who’s decided to get over his feelings for her. She knows he’s a good man, and thanks him for allowing her to feel like a woman again — she’d thought that time of her life was over. She tells him that maybe, if after both her daughters are married and well settled, if he’s still available, they might give it a try then. She seems sincere, and he’s thrilled to have just even that tiny nod of encouragement.

Han Gyul tells Eun Chan about Han Sung and Yu Ju’s good news, which she’s happy to hear. She exhibits her naivete when she wonders for a moment how they can be pregnant already, then catches Han Gyul’s eye and half-embarrassedly says, “Ah, right.” He asks her how many children she wants, and she jokes ten, then amends that to three. He figures about the same. With his mind on the future, he asks if she likes cleaning (”Who likes cleaning?”) or dish-washing (”Can’t you see how I break dishes?”).

Han Gyul decides, “No, that won’t do.” Eun Chan asks what won’t do, and he answers: “Living together.”

Han Gyul lists all the reasons she wouldn’t be a good living partner (snoring, eating too much), and she retorts, “Who said I wanted to live together?” Han Gyul’s response: “Then what about marriage?” Surprised, she asks cautiously if he’s saying he wants to get married, and he tries not to act too serious, saying that he’s just bringing up the subject — it doesn’t mean he’s suggesting it.

Han Gyul asks, a little more seriously, what kind of proposal she’d like to receive. Playing along, Eun Chan lists a bunch of silly things, like a big diamond ring, 100 red roses, violins on a ferry boat, a blown-up picture of herself posted at the roof of a skyscraper… At her jokey response, Han Gyul tells her to forget it and go home… then drags her back for another hug. “Don’t go.”

The next day, while driving along, Han Gyul fantasizes what it would be like living with Eun Chan

Everyone seems to be aware of Han Gyul’s marriage-minded feelings, because his father tells Grandma that his biggest life regret is allowing her to split him up from Han Gyul’s mother: “I’d like for Han Gyul not to go through the same.” Han Gyul’s mother mentions meeting Eun Chan, and tells Grandma: “At first, I thought she was completely wrong for Han Gyul, but looking at her, she’s cheerful and straightforward. I found her comfortable.” She compares her to Yu Ju, who has a few difficult points, whereas Eun Chan is pleasant and easy to be around.

Yu Ju invites Han Gyul to come with her and Han Sung while she tries on bridal gowns. Initially he declines, but hearing Eun Chan wistfully say she’d like to wear a nice dress too makes him change his mind. Again, his imagination takes off:

But alas, it’s Yu Ju wearing the dress, not Eun Chan.

Han Gyul watches the happy couple enviously, and suggests that Eun Chan try a dress on, too. It’s like Han Gyul is so bursting with the idea of marriage that he can’t stop himself, and he blurts:

Han Gyul: “Do you want to wear one of those and marry me?”
Eun Chan: “What?”
Han Gyul: “Marry me, Go Eun Chan.”
Eun Chan: “Are you… proposing?”

Han Sung (thoroughly enjoying the scene, particularly Han Gyul’s discomfort), breaks in to note that Han Gyul sure is in a hurry to get married, but this proposal is all wrong. Han Gyul tells Eun Chan not to answer right away; he’s just telling her to think about it. She starts to say, “What’s there to think about?” but he stops her from answering, most likely assuming her answer will be negative, and tells her to think it over carefully.

Eun Chan says she was gonna say yes, but then goes on (teasingly) that it’s a good thing he stopped her. He’s difficult to please, and it would be tiring marrying him: “Cancel that.” The happily engaged, ignored couple watch as Eun Chan runs out of the room, and Han Gyul chases her.

Han Sung and Yu Ju drop by the Choi residence to deliver their good news to the adults. The family suggests a nice, small wedding between close family and friends, which suits the couple. Furthermore, I love how when Han Sung drops news of Yu Ju’s pregnancy, everyone is happy to hear it (no moralistic preachiness about premarital blah-blah-blah).

Granny makes a jab at how she’s displeased with Han Gyul, and Han Gyul takes the opportunity to do a little reverse psychology. He grumbles about Eun Chan’s stubbornness over diligently repaying his loan (and insisting on giving him interest!), how she’s always hounding him to save money and not be so wasteful, how she won’t indulge him to go out and play because she’s so engrossed in her studies…

At Grandma’s continued disapproval, Han Gyul appeals to her to reconsider. Yu Ju praises Eun Chan, as does Han Sung, and Han Gyul counts all those in favor — Yu Ju, Han Sung, his father… and notes with excitement that his mother seems to have changed her mind. She admits she gives half her consent.

Eun Chan tells her sister about her proposal, and figures they can get married in another five years. Or maybe four, if five is too long. Eun Sae sighs in frustration — four years? Is he going to wait for her for so long?: “How is it you know less of the world than I do?”

Meanwhile, Han Gyul goes ring shopping.

Arriving for Han Sung and Yu Ju’s wedding, Han Gyul works up his nerve and fumbles, flustered, as he puts a ring on Eun Chan’s finger (in a hilarious bit, he panics when it doesn’t fit right, upset that he got the wrong size, until Eun Chan corrects him — he’s got the wrong finger).

Eun Chan assumes it’s a couple ring, but Han Gyul asks: “Will you be my bride?”

Eun Chan smiles and nods shyly, and he smiles in relief. They walk along happily together — for about a second. Because Eun Chan alludes to a wedding in four or five years, stopping Han Gyul short, confused: “Four, five years? But I’m going to get married this year.”

Eun Chan can’t imagine getting married so soon — she has things to do with her life, she’s too young. Wasn’t he intending to marry later?

Inside the hall, Han Gyul’s grandmother finally falters under the pains that have been plaguing her all episode long…

Unaware of this, Han Gyul and Eun Chan continue their discussion. He suggests talking through each point thoughtfully. Why does she want to wait five years?

Eun Chan answers that she’d only ever worked to make money to support her family, but now she finally has a dream of her own, and that’s to become a good barista. Han Gyul tells her she can still do those things after getting married — and if she’s worried about her family, he’ll take responsibility for them.

Eun Chan: “Responsibility? How? For how long? It’s better not to make promises you can’t keep. Will you live forever, and never die?”
Han Gyul: “What?”
Eun Chan: “My father said he’d take responsibility for our family forever. But he couldn’t do that. A person can’t take responsibility over another person. You can only take responsibility for yourself. Until I can accomplish things on my own, I won’t marry.”

She starts to walk off, and he holds her back, telling her:

Han Gyul: “I’ve already talked to my family, and gotten the adults’ consent. All you have to do is agree, and we can get married right now, with no problems.”
Eun Chan: “You already told your family? Marry right now? How can you do that to me, without even telling me? This is unbelievable.”
Han Gyul: “Unbelievable? You said yourself that you would marry me. Was that an empty promise?”
Eun Chan: “That didn’t mean I’d marry you right now. How can you decide that on your own? Is my family that laughable to you?”

Eun Chan storms off, leaving Han Gyul to yell after her, “Hey! Stop right there!”

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